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Mixed comments from all attorney’s clients ( we stripped the lawyer’s names out).

“Thanks for representing me on a probate matter in California – while I am now living out of state. It would have been very expensive to travel back to my childhood city of Santa Monica, but it wasn’t necessary. Simply put, you guys got the job done and saved me worry, time and travel money that would have been difficult to scrounge together.”

Joan S., Florida

“I never take the time to rate places, that do stuff correctly –only to scream when business fall short — but I appreciate it that your law office stands out in my book! Enclosed is my check, and you are welcome to quote my praise. Thank you. Thank you.”

Paul W., Cerritos

“It was refreshing to meet you and learn about all of the alternatives I have to take care of my loved ones. I especially appreciate that you could explain to me all the property tax, estate and income tax implications of my estate plan. It sure would have cost my heirs a bundle in taxes if I wouldn’t have had you set up my estate planning.”
Best regards, David M.

“Thank goodness you were able to get all of our property into our living trust before my wife passed away. I figure we saved tens of thousands of dollars in mandatory probate attorneys fees by avoiding probate. Thanks for coming down to the hospital with your notary seal to get the property deed signed at the very last minute. Your professional service is deeply appreciated.”
Matt C., Los Angeles

“Your website CHAT person was very helpful, and though he said he thought you were at the probate court and though I was calling from another state he promised he’d drop everything to track you down ASAP. I was skeptical. Sure enough, you called me from your cell from the court not more than 20 minutes later – a welcome change from the other two awful (and expensive) interactions I’ve had with lawyers in the past 25 years…. Thanks for being a real person and thanks for your help. I was truly helpless and that Los Angeles Probate court is F’ing frustrating and virtually impossible to work with (unless you know your way around I suppose). Apparently you do! Thanks.”
Mellanie N., South Pasadena

“You offered me a free consultation, and were was never about RUSHING me into some legal mumbo jumbo services I didn’t need or that might otherwise hurt you. Other law firms I went and met with first tried to “close me” for pricey estate packages right off the bat, and when I said I was going to think about it, they copped an attitude all of a sudden like I wasted their precious time!!  You, instead, explained what I needed (minimally) to protect me and my new family and said to check in again in a couple years to re-access my situation, assets, and evolving tax bracket. I got what I needed – nothing more. Down to earth, didn’t make a major hit on my checkbook, and real friendly too. Your firm is now “my lawyers” now. I never really “had a lawyer” before. Cool.”
Verna B., Hawthorne

“I always like coming to see you about our estate planning matters. You somehow manage to explain the complicated laws to us in down to earth terms we can understand. I am confident that you will be there for my family to handle our affairs in case something happens to us.”
Betty and Jim, Torrance

“I am sure glad I came to see you to get my living trust figured out and amended to actually handle my situation. I started out with a canned version of a living trust to try to save money but it didn’t really express what I wanted to do. I was completely surprised how you were able to cut right to what mattered and straighten out my estate plan for so little cost.”
Thanks, Jim K., Glendale

“Before we came to you with our family estate dispute we thought the situation was hopeless. So much money was missing and what was left of our inheritance was threatened. You were not afraid to go after our greedy relatives and make them put back the missing funds and settle with us. With your knowledge of accounting and tax records, there was no room for them to hide! I just can’t thank you enough.”
Chuck P., Santa Monica

“I was really concerned before I came to see you that there was no practical way to divide up my estate and keep all of my children and my wife’s children happy. However, you managed to find some innovative solutions and alternatives and explained everything to us with such clarity. Thanks so much for fielding my various emails and calls as I kept thinking of more things that needed to be handled and it wasn’t practical for me to come down to your office all the time.”
D.K. San Marino, CA

“The conservatorship which I was forced into handling on account of the death of my sister was a big mess before you became involved. Thanks to you, we got the accounting straightened out and were able to answer the probate court’s questions and prevent me from being in big trouble. Your accounting and tax knowledge really saved the day.”
J.R., Santa Barbara

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