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Probate Disputes are commonProbate disputes are as common as any other family squabble or drama. Given the death of a parent, grandparent, or other relative, emotions kick in to where years-percolating resentments often surface. Despite the best intentions of the one who recently passed away, conflicts over their will or trust often erupt leading to Will contests and litigation. Probate litigation may be the only course of action, otherwise the estate will be frozen and unresolved for years.

Probate litigation – takes time, is expensive, and often leaves all involved feeling beat-up or cheated. Litigation is not a bad thing, it is simply the process of sorting out the competing interests and claims so that a solution can be found.

Resolving Disputes Between Family Members

Hiring an experienced Los Angeles Probate Litigation attorney, will help resolve probate disputes, will contests, or other trust and estate issues faster with better resolutions than if you attempt to duke it out on your own.

Help for Beneficiaries, Fiduciaries, Heirs & Family Members in Estate Disputes

Estate Disputes – If you or family members believe you have reason to challenge a will or a trust, you need trusted legal advice and expertise in the area of an experienced Los Angeles probate law and litigation attorney. As Probate dispute lawyers, we have the knowledge and experience to help beneficiaries, fiduciaries, heirs and family members in “will contests” and trust disputes.

The probate disputes or so-called “will contests” we handle include:

  • determination of heirs
  • partition of real property
  • undue influence
  • self-dealing
  • mistakes in execution
  • breach of fiduciary duty
  • estate accounting
  • lack of mental capacity

Probate Disputes – Estate Challenges

Probate is subject to a number of possible disputes. Probate disputes often pop up at the last minute. Here are some common examples scenarios you might find in a common probate dispute:

Example 1 – The newly appointed executor, having never done this before, has no clue as to how to manage the estate. She fails to manage the decedent’s house; she fails to pay the mortgage payments on time, the house sits there vacant producing no income, the empty house is twice vandalized in 90 days, furniture and assets were stolen, and the bank threatens foreclosure. The beneficiary is totally frustrated because she fears a foreclosure imminent and there will be no inheritance left with this incompetent Executor in place. Solution: The beneficiary needs to challenge the Executor’s appointment and get a new Executor appointed —perhaps herself.

Example 2 – The appointed executor is a self-dealing, self-serving thief. He is paying his friends to perform unnecessary maintenance work and helping himself to the decedent’s savings accounts for personal his own gain and enrichment. Solution: The beneficiaries need to get the Executor removed and force –by court order– reimbursement to the estate.

Example 3 – The appointed Executor attempts to get one of the four beneficiaries to sell the decedent’s $190,000 RV so the proceeds can be distributed to all four of the decedent’s kids equally. The beneficiary who has the RV claims that the decedent gave the expensive RV to her and her husband a year prior to his passing. Is the Executor in the right, or is the one beneficiary telling the truth? Solution: The disposition of such a significant asset might need to be resolved in court.

Example 4 – A long-time friend and “creditor” of the decedent claims the decedent borrowed $20,000 from him 2 years prior and promised to pay it back. There is a questionable hand-written promise to pay note backing up the cash loan and the Executor fears it might be a forgery to get what the friend and “creditor” thinks is owed him from all that he had done for the decedent in years past. Solution: The Executor may want to reject the creditor’s claim and have it formally discussed in court along with other estate issues.

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