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What we’re about: As Los Angeles probate and estate attorneys, we are responsible for assisting people at some of the most trying times in their lives. Whether you want see that a loved-ones wishes are honored, challenge a will or estate where you feel that you were pushed out by some self-dealing or undue influence, or for us to draft you an estate plan, we are here to provide experienced advice and strong legal assistance.

There are four lawyers in our practice so that one of us is almost always available at a moment’s notice. Probate matters often arise out of the blue, and we are here for you. We work very closely each and every client developing life-long personal relationships as we come to know you and understand your exact needs and goals. We believe that legal services should be affordable, withing the reach on everyone, and customized to the individual.

Putting Our Clients First

Putting Probate Clients' Needs FirstLos Angeles Probate Lawyers was started with a single-minded purpose: put the client first in Los Angeles probate matters at affordable fees.  We believe there are better ways to practice law than divisiveness and dollars. We are dedicated to getting complex and stressful probate matters solved as quickly as possible with the least possible cost to our clients whether they are here in Southern California, or they are now living out of state and we are represent them here so they can go about their new lives without the day to day worries and anxiety of wondering what’s going on here.

Here is how we put clients first:

1. Clients First. There is no coincidence that clients are our first priority.  As part of our client first approach we are always available either by telephone or email in the event of an emergency.  Unlike most law firms, we realize that most people work between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. so we make ourselves available in the early mornings, evenings, and even on the weekends when necessary.  And even better, we come to you.  Our “office” can be your local coffee shop or your favorite restaurant.  Many firms believe they exist solely to make money — our belief is that Los Angeles Probate Lawyers was started and is successful because we strive to serve our clients.  Every decision our office makes is made from the standpoint of what is best for the client.  In the end, well-served clients lead to a strong, positive, and profitable law practice.

2. Embracing Technology. In the 21st century technology is a must.  Employing cutting-edge case management software, remote document management tools, online research, and a paperless file management system we are able to keep our clients informed around the clock while keeping costs to a minimum and productivity at a maximum.  Technology is also important to our commitment to the environment; we are proud to be a paper LESS office.  Our increased productivity and decreased costs mean significant costs savings to you, the client — again, this is all part our office’s client first approach.

Meeting clients at local Starbucks3. Mobile Probate Lawyers. Focusing on probate law and estate planning —which is all about AVOIDING probate— we are always driving around Los Angeles visiting court buildings and county records facilities. Hooking up with new clients is as easy as figuring out where our paths intersect and meeting you where you are comfortable without the need for you to travel to our offices. We are always happy to meet with you at your home, work, hospital, nursing home or even a local Starbucks —our ‘other office’. We are, after all, in the service business.

4. Flexible Fees. There is no one size fits all answer in the law so why should a lawyer impose one size fits all billing?  At Los Angeles Probate Lawyers we bring our client first approach to our billing practices as well.  We will work with our client to determine what is fair and what the appropriate fit is on a case-by-case basis.

5. Flexible Payments. For some clients, the billable hour is the right approach, for others a flat fee-billing is the right fit. We accept credit cards. We will consider a contingency fee basis for some probate-related cases where they are legal. Finally, payment plans are also an option for some as well. Bottom line: we approach your fees the same way we approach the right legal strategy: based on the facts in your case.

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